Why vote for Cook?

Because we need a positive change at the Summit County Domestic Relations Court. And with Cook’s hands-on experience & vision, Cook will respond to the needs of those appearing in Domestic Relations Court & those affected by the outcome of the decisions made at Summit County Domestic Relations Court, with special attention to the unintended victims, the children.

an advocate for abused & neglected children, being recognized for Outstanding work by Ohio’s 123rd Congress.
in Summit County Domestic Relations Court & Juvenile Court from 1997-2005, which included undergoing extensive training to be a volunteer GAL at juvenile court; Was appointed to the first CASA Board (Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children) at juvenile court.
appointments in modification of or change of custody proceedings where parties alleged physical or sexual abuse. Required conducting in-home interviews of children and parents & timely issuing GAL reports upon which the magistrates relied in making their decisions.
undergoing specialized training as a domestic relations mediator in private practice from 2003-2005, facilitating settlements with the parties themselves, mediating custody & property issues. This hands-on experience provided insight as to daily the concerns of parents and children and the trauma that affects the intimate aspects of their lives.
for four years serving on the Child Sex Abuse Task Force in Stark County specially trained to interview child victims.
from 2005-2009 personally handling nearly 25,000 cases & presiding over hundreds of trials.
since 2009 presiding over nearly 10,000 cases
a program targeted at stopping repeat drunk-driving offenders

Cook is vested in this community as a dedicated wife and mother of four sons and a graduate of the Akron Public Schools and The University of Akron School of Law.

“With Summit County’s divorce rate at 59.5%*, Domestic Relations Court touches the lives of many more people than other courts on a personal level. In today’s world, everyone knows somebody who’s going through a divorce and most children have to deal with the consequences of divorce proceedings-either because of their own families’, or their friends’. Our domestic relations court needs a judge with the philosophy that every case number represents a family in trauma. A judge must always keep in mind that delays in rendering decisions creates uncertainties and are emotionally and financially detrimental to families. My background working with children, and my years as judge, and the programs I have successfully implemented, brings hands-on, real-world wisdom. If elected, I intend to provide this court with the positive energy and impetus to respond to the needs of those having a case at the Summit County Domestic Relations Court. Our community deserves a court that cares, a judge that cares. I respectfully ask for your vote.”

*2010 Rates from the Ohio Department of Health Marriage and Divorce Statistics Website